Combat the Endless Effects of Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss.

Nu-Hair – Laser Hair Rejuvenation

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Nu-Hair - Laser Hair Rejuvenation

The Proven Technology to Combat the Endless Effects of Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss.

The newest and proven technology to combat the endless effects of male or female pattern hair loss has reached Malaysia from Europe. It is called The Revage 670 a Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). The clinical observations in humans and the encouraging animal studies led to further evaluation of low level lasers in Sweden during the 1980’s which resulted in very successful hair regrowth in a significant percentage of treated people. These good results have been confirmed by a number of hair restoration facilities throughout the world, including the United States.

Revåge 670TM belongs to a class of lasers that has been clinically and scientifically proven to safely and effectively stimulate cellular metabolism, protein synthesis and regenerate tissue while increasing blood perfusion rates. An increase in blood perfusion rates has been linked to a healthy scalp and hair follicle. Visible results with the Revåge 670TM Cool Laser Therapy occur within weeks.

In European studies, significant increases in hair density and a remarkable 85% success in halting the progression of shedding has been noted. It’s the dynamic, patented rotational tuning in the Revåge 670TM Cool Laser that optimizes results.

The Revage 670 laser “ takes follicles that were dormant or on their way to dying out and wakes them up ”, says Barry DiBernado, a plastic surgeon and laser expert in Montclair, New Jersey. The 25 patients in one study reported an average of 38 to 40 percent more hair after they had the treatment. Di Bernardo says the growth “starts out like peach fuzz, then grows thicker

Hair has a life cycle in which growth only takes place during the anagen phase. According to research, Low Level Light Therapy similar to the Revåge 670TM was responsible for inducing dormant hair follicles into the Anagen Phase. The Stimulation generates a more vital, robust hair than follicles can generate on their own.

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Time lapse for these Before/After comparison photos is an average of 6 months.

Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss is also known as: baldness, balding, male pattern baldness, male balding, male pattern hair loss, female balding, female pattern baldness, female balding, hair loss, hair loss in woman, and hair loss for woman.

 Here are the causes for hair loss:

  • Androgenetic Alopecia – male or female pattern baldness
  • Auto immune diseases – an immune reaction attacks the hair follicles, producing antibodies that attack these tissues as if they were foreign invaders.
    • Androgenic Alopecia – the body’s immune system is sensitized to increased levels of DHT in the scalp causing hair loss in these high concentrated DHT areas.
    • Alopecia totalis, universalis – immune sensitivity to a substance other than DHT.
  • Connective tissue disease – causes scarring of skin, loss of circulation to hair follicle and autoimmune reaction leading to temporary or permanent loss of hair
    • Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, Scleroderman, MCTD.
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals – Tobacco smoke contains hundreds of lethal and damaging chemicals which can accelerate normal hair loss and retard effects of medication and surgical restoration. This effect can result either from being a smoker or from second hand smoke.
  • Radiation exposure – Irradiation therapy or exposure to radiation from any source can cause localized or total hair loss, which may be permanent if the dose is high enough.
  • Iron deficiency anemia – very common with woman but also can effect men.
  • Hormonal changes – due to pregnancy, birth control pills and menopause.
  • Thyroid disease – either hypothyroid or hyperthyroid disease causes hair to become brittle and break resulting in localized or generalized loss. Correction of the thyroid condition usually causes hair to regrow.
  • Stress – usually temporary and transient of the alopecia areata type.
  • Drug interactions – certain vitamins prescription and over the counter, may have individual and non specific side effects of hair loss. Usually, when the medication is discontinued, the hair regrows. Tell your health care provider all medications you are taking and try to have one pharmacist fill all prescriptions and over the counter products.
    • Excessive Vitamin A
  • Individual reaction to illness or a personal sensitivity to the environment – Alopecia can be a reaction to your environment where hair loss is almost like an allergic reaction.
  • Chemotherapy
  • Fungal and Bacterial Infections – impetigo and tinea capitis.
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